Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Learning to fly!!

Last week for date night we decided to go night flying and try to catch the moon rising. I had a blast. Shawn took off and then let me take the plane. It is a little decathlon. It is very responsive. I climbed to about where Shawn told me to, and then he taught me how to do slips. This is where you loss a lot of alititude without gaining airspeed. I usually get sick doing stuff, but because it was night and I was in the front seat, I felt fine.
Today we decided to take it up again and do some landings. I helped out on the last one and didn't do to shabby. Planes are pretty pricey, so you really don't want to be impulsive or rash. I am learning a lot. Once you get high enough up it is pretty easy. But take offs and landings can be tricky. Shawn is a great teacher and I am just eating it up.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Our new do's!!!

I know what you thinking? What happened and why?!! Well Shawn thought he needed a haircut. It took me about 3 minutes to mess up enough to have to use a one on the back of his head. He was so sweet about it. As you can see, he is fast losing his hair. Before long he will have hair like his uncles...or should I say he won't have hair, like his uncles. I still love him as much as the long curly haired man I married. And my hair is blonde and short again. I just wanted a change. I was trying to let it grow out, but it was taking 4ever. It is fun to play with it.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

This is how I feel sometimes...

I love the Farside jokes. They are so funny but sadly very very true.

Friday, September 12, 2008

We are doing ok...

I am guessing by now everyone has heard about our little baby. I thought I was 8 weeks. The doctors took a look and said 6 weeks. A week later I have a misscarriage. The baby was 9-10 weeks old with a heart beat. But it was less than half the size it should have been. It is for the best, we are sure. We love you all and we are doing better everyday.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Visit Curt and Mel!

Shawn and I stopped in Utah and got to see Sarah off to her first day of school. She is one cutie patootie. We always love visiting Curt and Mel. Lots to do and see. Our day at Curt and Mels started off with a bowl of cereal and muffin. Then we watched a couple of episodes of the office with Sarah. Our favorite was the episode when Dwight traps a bat on Merediths head. Or maybe when Dwight is the hero and saves Jim's life. They are all so funny.

Then Shawn took me out to lunch at Sego Lily. It is a little french restuarant in Bountiful. Delicious. When we got back it was time for Sarah's first day of big kid school. We all went to drop her off.

We went to Gateway Mall for a couple hours and saw some cute skirts, bought some cute shirts, and ate delicious cookies with Mel. It was pretty fun!

3 Not-so-little Girls

Here are what used to be the little girls. They are all so huge now. Well...taller and a little thicker. Cute and pretty. Olivia is in 5th grade now. She is pretty much an old fart. Kamilla is in 7th grade and ready to play sports. Veronica is a new freshmen. They are nice little girls who always listen to their mother.