Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Our little neice Juliet!!

Brandi, Shawns sister, took the kids to Disneyland and left her youngest, Juliet, with Shawn and I for a little over a week. She is doing a lot better than we thought and actually seems to enjoy all the attention we give her. Shawn loves playing with her.

She likes pretzels, baby ducks, and sitting in any water she can find. I took her to a little nature park here in town. The baby ducks just hatched. Juliet was not content with watching from the side. She had to get in the water. I took off her shoes and rolled up her pants. The water was very warm and it was about 80 outside. She dipped her toes in at first, then both feet, then she bent over and tried to drink from this big pond. I grabbed her out and sat her on a chair. That lasted about thirty seconds before she wanted to go back in.