Thursday, October 29, 2009

Its Been a Little While

Wow. Sorry I have updated in forever.

Shawn and I are both on track this semester. Seems like school will never end. Shawn has two more semesters and I have three. He is graduating in Business Communication and I am in Finance.

I work at a cool little business here in town called OpenBook, ( I am the customer relations manager. I upsale our existing customers and make sure everyone stays happy. It is a good job; flexible with my hours and decent pay.

Shawn has a couple students here and there. The weather is just getting worse and worse, so its hard to teach flight instruction. But anytime he has time and the sky is clear, you can bet he is up.

Well. That is about all that we have been doing lately.

We built one of these in August. It is hard, hot work. But we take home a pretty decent paycheck. There was one day when it rained, but it wasn't too cold. It was nice to just feel rain on my face. Weird what things you miss when you leave Washington.

And another pretty cool thing. Shawn has been flying Ole Yeller. That is the yellow plane his dad usually flies. His dad now flies another mustang called The Mormon Mustang. Cool, huh?