Sunday, February 20, 2011

Avi's WWII Experience (And First Solo)

Yesterday (Saturday February 19, 2011) was Aviel's 9 month birthday. As her gift of reaching that pinnacle, we took her to the Legacy Flight Museum to try her hand at a few of the planes and jeeps.

First Chantal and I put her in the Mormon Mustang, to get her revved up for this year's airshow season. I was impressed that as soon as she hopped in the Mustang, she immediately familiarized herself with the plane. As you can see, she got a feel for the throttle and the stick.
She insisted we take up the plane, so we let her. Here's some in-flight pictures of Aviel flying the Mormon Mustang.
In the Picture above, Aviel is taxiing for take-off. Note that the canopy is open and she is looking to the side, as she S-turns to see over the long nose.This is Aviel pulling out of a loop. The strain in her face is due to the high G-loading.

At the end of her flight, we thought it appropriate to take a nostalgic fighter-pilot picture at the side of her plane.
We thought she looked rather heroic in this picture.
When she was done flying, she told us she was hungry, so to top off the WWII experience she drove the WWII Willies Jeep to get some food.