Thursday, June 9, 2011

St. George Trip!

One of Shawn's bosses daughters got married last week and daddy paid for her to go to St. George for a couple days. By agreeing to be gone for the weekend, Shawn was allowed to bring Aviel and me. We loved it down there. Beautiful sunny days, lots of swimming and splash parks, visiting the Walker side of the family; all paid for by the big boys. What more could we want?
Here are Shawn and Aviel at the St. George temple. It was pretty bright outside. And Aviel splashing at the park. She loved it! I was afraid she cry and get cold but she actually crawled for the spouts. She lasted about 5 minutes before I grabbed her to sit her in the sun so she could dry off. She was shivering and cold, but she wanted to go right back in.
She figured out the headsets on the way back. She doesn't have much fat on her, but the headset squished what she did have.