Saturday, January 24, 2009

Shawn's Art....

So as Chantal and I were driving early in the winter we saw the perfect photo opportunity. This is not our house directly under the temple but we liked the clouds and piercing sunrise. Go temple!

X-Country Skiing!!

Ok. So we finally did something worth blogging about. And we brought a camera. And took a few pictures when we could remember.

I don't know why I am smiling like that. Probably just so happy I am on my feet and not my seat. You can barely see in the picture, but there are a few trumpeter swans up to the left of my head.

And there is Shawn. Sorry it is a little fuzzy. Doesn't he look cute in his cowboy hat?
We rented x-country skis for 20 bucks at the college and drove up by Island Park. It was beautiful and we got there early enough to miss the crowds. We went a good couple of miles and took breaks to snack and drink our water. It was so relaxing and quiet. It was snowing pretty hard when we got there, but stopped after about an hour. It was sooo much fun. The perfect date.