Sunday, February 8, 2009


So..for an early Valentine's Day present, Shawn took me to the animal shelter here in Rexburg and let me pick out my favorite puppy. Here he is. His name is Charlie. He is terrier/lab mix. I have yet to hear him bark. Seems intelligent. Defintely you can see -------->

While there, Shawn met another girl and fell in love. He couldn't stop looking into her big brown eyes. He loved everything about her...the way she walked..her cute little butt...she was a redhead, I just couldn't compete. And then she opened her mouth and Shawn was hooked. She barked the first night we left her alone, but only for five minutes. And now, two days later, she doesn't bark at all. She is pretty smart. She doesn't jump up on people or nip, like Charlie does.
I am glad we got two puppies. They keep each other company and they learn from each other. When we took them on their first walk with leashes, Susan, Shawn's dog, was having a hard time being led. She fought the leash until Charlie went and nipped at her. It was pretty cute.