Saturday, March 20, 2010


So we're super slow on updating our blog but here's some pics from our Christmas trip to Sitka.

This is our niece Heidi. Shawn and Heidi took a walk on New Years Day for three hours. On their way back they decided to go to Swan Lake, which had just frozen enough for people to start walking on.

Beautiful Sitka!! Views like this everywhere.

Shawn and Heidi on their 3 hours walk. They are standing on Swan Lake. The story goes there was one swan on the lake, hence the name. But then someone shot it. Maybe I am sick, but I think that is actually pretty funny.

Mason having fun in the dryer with a little piggy. I don't know who the little piggy is. Maybe Heidi? Maybe Shawn?

Here is my oldest sister, Rochelle. You can't really tell, but she is about 4 months prego in this picture. I am about a month behind her.

I love this picture of Mason. He turns two in a few months. Pretty cute little boy with the longest eye lashes I have ever seen.