Thursday, October 29, 2009

Its Been a Little While

Wow. Sorry I have updated in forever.

Shawn and I are both on track this semester. Seems like school will never end. Shawn has two more semesters and I have three. He is graduating in Business Communication and I am in Finance.

I work at a cool little business here in town called OpenBook, ( I am the customer relations manager. I upsale our existing customers and make sure everyone stays happy. It is a good job; flexible with my hours and decent pay.

Shawn has a couple students here and there. The weather is just getting worse and worse, so its hard to teach flight instruction. But anytime he has time and the sky is clear, you can bet he is up.

Well. That is about all that we have been doing lately.

We built one of these in August. It is hard, hot work. But we take home a pretty decent paycheck. There was one day when it rained, but it wasn't too cold. It was nice to just feel rain on my face. Weird what things you miss when you leave Washington.

And another pretty cool thing. Shawn has been flying Ole Yeller. That is the yellow plane his dad usually flies. His dad now flies another mustang called The Mormon Mustang. Cool, huh?

Friday, June 5, 2009

And Life Carries On...

Tamazine, my little sister, doesn't have school on Fridays so I decided to take her mt biking. It was very scenic and made me even more homesick than I already am.

Everything was going great for a couple of miles. And then Tamazine's back tire got a thorn stuck in it. Luckily, we had a patch kit. We stopped and took the tire apart. And that is when the mosiquitos seized their chance. Tamazine killed three of them with one swat. It didn't help that we were wearing shorts. They tried to carry Tamazine off, but she swatted diligently at both of our legs while I tried to patch the tube. Patch didn't work. We were out of rubber cement. We found a shortcut, I rode my bike back as fast as a I could to get the truck before Tamazine lost too much blood to the suckers. That was the end of biking for the day. We had fun and are ready to try it again. The trail goes all the way from Ashton to West Yellowstone. It will be conquered.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Our little neice Juliet!!

Brandi, Shawns sister, took the kids to Disneyland and left her youngest, Juliet, with Shawn and I for a little over a week. She is doing a lot better than we thought and actually seems to enjoy all the attention we give her. Shawn loves playing with her.

She likes pretzels, baby ducks, and sitting in any water she can find. I took her to a little nature park here in town. The baby ducks just hatched. Juliet was not content with watching from the side. She had to get in the water. I took off her shoes and rolled up her pants. The water was very warm and it was about 80 outside. She dipped her toes in at first, then both feet, then she bent over and tried to drink from this big pond. I grabbed her out and sat her on a chair. That lasted about thirty seconds before she wanted to go back in.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

The house...finally..

Ok. Lots of pictures. The first is of our living room. Its finals
weeks. Little messy. All the furniture is from Shawn's parents.
The second is our backyard. Yes, that is our neighbors house. Our little puppies aren't so little.

This is my cedar chest. I love it. It has all my precious stuff
in it. I got it for Christmas last year.

There is an outside view of the house.

Kitchen. My favorite place to be. It is nice to have counter space. And cupboard space.

And Shawn's favorite place. It is nice to have
a place to store the vechicles in the winter.

Sunday, February 8, 2009


So..for an early Valentine's Day present, Shawn took me to the animal shelter here in Rexburg and let me pick out my favorite puppy. Here he is. His name is Charlie. He is terrier/lab mix. I have yet to hear him bark. Seems intelligent. Defintely you can see -------->

While there, Shawn met another girl and fell in love. He couldn't stop looking into her big brown eyes. He loved everything about her...the way she walked..her cute little butt...she was a redhead, I just couldn't compete. And then she opened her mouth and Shawn was hooked. She barked the first night we left her alone, but only for five minutes. And now, two days later, she doesn't bark at all. She is pretty smart. She doesn't jump up on people or nip, like Charlie does.
I am glad we got two puppies. They keep each other company and they learn from each other. When we took them on their first walk with leashes, Susan, Shawn's dog, was having a hard time being led. She fought the leash until Charlie went and nipped at her. It was pretty cute.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Shawn's Art....

So as Chantal and I were driving early in the winter we saw the perfect photo opportunity. This is not our house directly under the temple but we liked the clouds and piercing sunrise. Go temple!

X-Country Skiing!!

Ok. So we finally did something worth blogging about. And we brought a camera. And took a few pictures when we could remember.

I don't know why I am smiling like that. Probably just so happy I am on my feet and not my seat. You can barely see in the picture, but there are a few trumpeter swans up to the left of my head.

And there is Shawn. Sorry it is a little fuzzy. Doesn't he look cute in his cowboy hat?
We rented x-country skis for 20 bucks at the college and drove up by Island Park. It was beautiful and we got there early enough to miss the crowds. We went a good couple of miles and took breaks to snack and drink our water. It was so relaxing and quiet. It was snowing pretty hard when we got there, but stopped after about an hour. It was sooo much fun. The perfect date.