Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Sixth Crossing

150 year ago-Hoping for more supply wagons, the Willie Company waited until October 23rd, before undertaking the worst ordeal of their journey...the five mile climb over Rocky Ridge in a howling snow storm with eighteen- to twenty-four inches of snow on the ground. The total distance between campsites was approximately twelve miles and took some emigrants over twenty hours. Wagons and handcarts were taken back to help many that had given up and laid beside the roadside.
Shawn and I were going to go visit Dad and Lue, but Shawn got called on a business trip. Tamazine agreed to go with me.
Here we are on Rocky Ridge. The little girl with me is also named Shantell. Pronounced just like my name.

Rocky Ridge. It wasn't too hard to walk over, but it was pretty hard to push the handcart over. And we only had maybe about 30 lbs of stuff in it. Atleast it looked hard. I was just carrying Aviel.

Here is Aviel bundled up for the day. She actually got a little too warm on the 7 mile walk.

The pioneers used buffalo chips as firewood. We tried cow chips with poor results.

I know she looks a little concerned in the picture, but Aviel absolutely loves her gran. It was nice for me to get a break from taking care of her every now and again.

Dad carried Aviel's carseat everywhere for me. Again, it was nice to get a break from lugging that around.

Shawn was so bummed out he couldn't come with us, but he wants to come next month.
We love you, Dad and Lue. Proud to call you family. Take care of each other and we will keep fattening up little Aviel.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

General Conference Weekend

I know these are close to two weeks late. Just took me a while to get the pictures uploaded. But here they are.
There was a forest fire somewhere in the area. The dust particles in the air give the sun light a lot to reflect off of and this makes for very vivid sunsets.

Here is a bunch of cuddle bugs. Shawn, Aviel, Lleida, and Cairo.

Here is Aviel ready for a walk. I kifed the baby carrier off the Brunsons.

This is Aviel starting solids all on her own. Too cute.

Lleida and Cairo had a good old fashioned jousting match where they tried to push each other off of our backs. The girls won this one.