Monday, May 23, 2011

Our Lil' Guy

Much to Shawn's relief, our little boy is still a little boy. Everyone kept telling us horror stories of the gender changing due to ultrasound tech errors. But our ladies had the gender pinned down 6 weeks ago. We had a 3-D ultrasound for the first time ever. Here is how it turned out.
He is very healthy and seems to be the right size.
Aviel turned one last Thursday! She was a little tired by the time we got around to her party, but she did pretty well. We sure are proud of how well she is doing. She crawls everywhere and gets into everything. She will climb the first step or two of a set of stairs and wait for me to notice before trying to climb all the way up before I can catch her. It has become her favorite game, and I love making her giggle all the way up by making loud sounds and calling her name. This is a pic a friend took after Shawn had landed in the Stearman. Aviel was at the airport to watch him land and taxi.

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CarolAnn said...

Congratulations--I didn't know you were pregnant. I hope that you and your little guy stay healthy!