Saturday, May 14, 2011

How to Gain Weight

Aviel is doing very well. She crawls around and gets into everything. We introduced her to grass and now she wants to play outside all day. Her first word was "Dadda" followed by "Uh-oh!".
My teenage sister lives in our basement. I yell down the stairs to tell her when breakfast is ready or when she needs to leave for school. I was doing so one morning when I noticed Aviel copying me. She was standing up holding onto the railings and yelling gibberish down the stairs at Veronica. It was pretty funny. It is weird what she picks up on. Now she yells at poor Veronica all the time. She is going to be a great mother some day.
Her occupational therapist is excited by how fast she is developing. His only concern was how slowly she seems to be gaining weight. She is a year next week and weighs under 15 lbs. I think they like to see them at about 22 lbs. He asked us to start feeding her whip cream to try and help her put on some weight. She loves eating the nasty stuff, so it works pretty nicely.


Thyme said...

22 POUNDS?! Sydney was 7lbs at birth and weighed 19lbs 1oz at 1 year, and she was in the 50th percentile for weight. 22lbs is a little ridiculous! Also, Audrey was 7lbs at birth as well, and up until this month she was only 14lbs. Avi is doing great! :)

kid9579 said...

Oh. my. gosh. Im so glad I found this blog Aviel is so dang CUTTTTE. I cant wait to meet her! and Happy Birthday Avi!

kid9579 said...

ps this is rachel b